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We now have separate pages for our 100% Grassfed Beef, Forest-Raised Pork, and Pastured Poultry. Click through the links above to order beef or poultry. Scroll down to order pork. 

Order deadlines for each market are at Midnight on Wednesday the week before the market date. 

Please note that most prices are approximate since most of our products are sold by the pound. An amended receipt with your remaining balance will be emailed to you via PayPal prior to the pickup. Payment in full is due prior to pick up.

For more information on our farming practices and products, please peruse our website. Feel free to contact us directly with any questions:

**SALE Pork- Ham Hock

Cured and smoked. Great for soups. $6.18/lb SALE $3.95/lb

**SALE Pork- Spare Ribs

Delicious slow-roasted or on the grill! Half rack portions. $8.24/lb  SALE $5.95/lb

*Pasture & Forest-Raised Pork Sampler

Some of the finest cuts of our pastured pork to please your palate!

Small sampler pack includes:



sweet sicilian sausage


Large sampler pack includes:



sweet sicilian sausage

hot italian sausage


Small Sampler ($68.00)
Regular Sampler ($104.00)
*Specialty Sausage Sampler

There's a sausage for everyone in this sampler- sweet, savory, spicy, mild, smoky and ALL delicious! Made with organic freshly ground spices, Celtic Sea Salt, local maple syrup, and Fair-trade Organic Rapadura sugar. 

Sampler pack includes:

1 pack breakfast patties

1 pack maple sage links

1 pack sweet sicilian links

1 pack hot italian links

1 pack smoked kielbasy links

1 chorizo or smoky apple links

Pork- Bacon

YUMMY!  Cured with Celtic Sea Salt and Organic Rapadura Sugar ONLY- no nitrates. $12.36/pack or a 5 pack for $51.50.

1 pack ($12.36)
5 pack ($51.50)
Pork- Bacon Ends

Delicious in soups, stews, beans, etc. $9.27/lb

Pork- Bacon, Jowl

Succulent sums it up.  Cured with Celtic Sea Salt and Organic Rapadura Sugar ONLY- no nitrates. $12.36/pack

Quantity remaining: 5
Pork- Chipped Ham

The chipped ham DOES need to be cooked as it is NOT “cured” or smoked. It is thinly sliced meat from the "ham" or back leg of the pig. It’s extremely tender and mild. Our kids love it plain with just a touch of Celtic Sea Salt. We like it with barbecue sauce. $12.36/lb

Pork- Chops

Pork chops- beautifully marbled. Tender and delicious. 2 chops per pack. $11.33/lb 


Pork- Ground

Delicious in meatballs, meat loaf, stuffed cabbage and more! Approx. 1lb packages. $9.27/lb

Pork- Ham Lunchmeat

Our kids LOVE this ham lunchmeat in a sandwich, with eggs, on a plate with some cheese, or anyway we give it to them! Makes for an easy, delicious and nutritious meal!

Thinly sliced cured ham.  Cured with Celtic Sea Salt and Rapadura Sugar and smoked. No nitrates. $8.24pack

Pork- Ham Steak Cured

A one inch thick slice of Ham Cured with Celtic Sea Salt and Organic Rapadura Sugar and smoked.  Great for a quick grill. No Nitrates. $11.33/lb.

Pork- Pan Haus (Scrapple)

Made with organic buckwheat flour and organic cornmeal. Approx. 1.5 lb blocks. $4.89/lb OR $4.38/lb for 5 or more packs. 


1-pack ($6.18)
5-pack ($25.75)
Pork- Pastured Lard

Pastured Lard - creamy white lard from pastured pigs- full of Vitamin D. Great for baking and frying! 1 quart. 

1 quart ($8.25)
5 quarts ($36.05)
Pork- Roast, Loin

Classic Pork Roast, tender and tasty.  Approx 3 pounds. $10.30/lb.

Pork- Roast, Shoulder

Approx 3 pounds.  Marbled and delicious. $10.30 per pound

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