Pasture & Forest-Raised Pork

Pork- Bacon

YUMMY!  Cured with Celtic Sea Salt and Organic Rapadura Sugar ONLY- no nitrates. $12.36/pack

1 pack ($12.36)
Pork- Bacon Ends

Delicious in soups, stews, beans, etc. $9.27/lb

Quantity remaining: 1
Pork- Ham Lunchmeat

Our kids LOVE this ham lunchmeat in a sandwich, with eggs, on a plate with some cheese, or anyway we give it to them! Makes for an easy, delicious and nutritious meal!

Thinly sliced cured ham.  Cured with Celtic Sea Salt and Rapadura Sugar and smoked. No nitrates. $8.24pack

Quantity remaining: 2
Pork- Roast, Loin

Classic Pork Roast, tender and tasty.  Approx 3 pounds. $10.30/lb.

Quantity remaining: 1
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